Warm Vanilla Rice Pudding
Warm Vanilla Rice Pudding

Dominic Chapman

Chef-Patron at the Beehive

Rice variation



2 p


Peach Compote

12 Peaches
150g Caster Sugar
150g Water
3g Citric Acid

The rice

200g Ronaldo Rice
2litres Full Fat Milk
160g Caster Sugar
5 Vanilla Pods
350ml double Cream- whipped





1. Remove the seeds from the vanilla pods, retaining seeds and pod.  2. Place all ingredients in a pan apart from the cream and bring to the boil  3. Transfer to a tray a cover with parchment paper  4. Place in the oven at 150oc for an hour, stirring at 15 minute intervals.  5. When cooked, transfer to a tray and spread it thinly and allow it to cool in the fridge  6. When cool, place in a mixing bowl and fold the cream through

1. Halve the peaches and remove the stone, dice each half into four and do this for all peaches    2. Combine all the other ingredients and then cook the peaches in the sugar syrup    3. Cook the peaches whilst retaining the texture of the fruit and not stewing them to pulp    4. Transfer to a tray and cover until cool

1. Bring the honey, sugar and butter up a boil, careful not to burn it 2. Add the nuts and oats to a bowl and coat with the sugar mix 3. Transfer onto a tray with baking parchment and bake at 160oc for 12- 15 minutes, turning occasionally. 4. When at a light golden-brown remove from oven and allow to cool 5. Break up any bit which are clumped and store in an air tight container