Our true rice crafters – the local farmers – know what they do and have been doing it for, at least, 3 centuries. In the middle of the XVIII century, the decline in salt trade and fish preserves changed the economic profile of the region.

Soon, rice became the main crop of the region and an economic powerhouse for all local farmers. Generation after generation, rice paddies have shaped the landscape and the local lifestyle, in an organic, two-way joint evolution.

The salt-purified grounds; the mild year-round temperature; and the long plains that both benefit from the Atlantic air, while being protected from its strongest winds by the pine trees and sand dunes; establish an uncommon crop ground, where only high quality products are harvested.

Rice Crafters have evolved. There are no longer hundreds of workers weeding the grounds by hand, but the technological improvements have not changed the secular knowledge of the local farmers who have crafted rice for generations – they have perfected it.

Following the latest certification rules by Prodi and MBP, Rice Crafters produces high quality products only, using natural resources and natural regulation mechanisms, environmentally friendly procedures and assuring long term sustainable farming.

Every single crop is sustainably grown, every single batch is numbered and all single-variety grains are separated to assure maximum quality and a premium cooking and tasting experience, according to particular cooking specifications