That's Rice

Into the

Rice Paddy

Vale do Sado is a distinctive plain in Portugal, where rice has been grown since 1760. In a land where the Atlantic’s proximity has always shaped the economy; where the salt travels trough the water canals to enrich and purify the grounds, a sublime rice is grown and crafted to create a gourmet experience for all those lucky enough to taste it.

Throughout centuries, generation after generation of local farmers have worked on the ride paddies, using traditional and sustainable methods to enhance the Rice Crafters’ unique characteristics. The certified origin and the no blend philosophy of Rice Crafters make sure that every single grain of rice in our packs will cook simultaneously and uniformly, ensuring a remarkable tasting experience.

The pine trees aroma, the sand dunes scent, the salty ocean’s breeze and the fertile grounds could only imprint an exquisite character on every single rice grain.